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Stand Up To Cancer Partners with MasterCard for Charity

Stand Up to Cancer
IMG: via Stand Up to Cancer

Earlier this month, MasterCard Priceless Causes teamed up with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) to present “The Priceless Table at Times Square,” a limited time, participatory event for charity. From July 16th through August 2nd, MasterCard cardholders were able to reserve a seat at The Priceless Table, a pop-up restaurant overlooking New York City’s iconic Times Square. At $50 a pop, tickets were a bit steep for the five-course meal prepared by chef Marcus Samuelsson, but all proceeds go towards SU2C.

According to Forbes contributor Elaine Schattner, the elevated, communal table and open air aesthetic of MasterCard’s pop-up restaurant was designed to promote visibility for the company’s fundraising relationship with SU2C. “Since its founding in 2008, SU2C, a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, has emerged as one of the largest and most innovative anti-cancer programs,” explains Schattner of the powerful organization, which she says owes a lots of its success to its marketing team.

SU2C has captured the attention of prominent philanthropists and celebrities from around the world for its innovative approach to funding cancer research initiatives. “SU2C’s unique funding model, developed with the help of prominent cancer researchers, encourages collaboration and innovation through two new types of scientific grant,” explains the organization of how its approach differs from that of other similar initiatives. According to SU2C’s mission statement, “SU2C’s mission is to raise funds to accelerate and pace of groundbreaking translational research that can get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.” The organization also explains how “By galvanizing the entertainment industry, SU2C has set out to generate awareness, educate the public on cancer prevention and help more people diagnosed with cancer become long-term survivors.”

MasterCard hasn’t yet announced how much funding it was able to provide to SU2C, but seats did sell out completely for The Priceless Table at Times Square, which indicates an overwhelming public response. Learn more about the event and others like it by visiting

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Philanthropic People: Entertainment Industry Foundation

Entertainment Industry Foundation
To worlds. One Dream. IMG: Facebook via EIF.

We often profile celebrities like Beyoncé Knowles, Shakira, and Ryan Gosling, who have spearheaded many philanthropic projects to raise funds for charities they care about it. One organization that seeks to unite high profile entertainers and celebrities is called the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a blanket organization for Hollywood’s biggest givers.

The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) is considered to be “Hollywood’s leading charity,” and was created by industry heavyweights Samuel Goldwyn, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, and the Warner Brothers in 1942. EIF “harnesses the collective power of the entire industry to raise awareness and funds for critical health, educational and social issues in order to make a positive impact in our community and throughout the nation,” explains the organization. With an annual charitable budget of more than $100 million, EIF’s impact is huge.

EIFCurrently, EIF supports many charitable organizations including Stand Up To Cancer, Hunger Is, Rise and Honor, and The Julian D. King Gift Foundation. EIF has also created many of its own social change initiatives such as its Women’s Cancer Programs, The Broadway Education Project, and the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance. With a huge emphasis on the arts, cancer research, and education, EIF has attracted some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry who have used their star power to raise vital funds for incredible causes.

Viola Davis, Robin Roberts, Meryl Streep, Giada De Laurentiis, The Black Eyed Peas, Halle Berry, and Rihanna are just a handful of the famous figures that have supported causes through EIF recently. In addition to the celebrity donors and partners EIF works with, the organization has historically received donations from dozens of major U.S. companies as well. MasterCard, Major League Baseball, Revlon, The Safeway Foundation, AARP, and United Healthcare are some of EIF’s longtime donors, and have definitely helped the charitable organization make such a significant impact.

Learn more about EIF’s work by visiting

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5 Ways to Help on World Cancer Day

breast cancer ribbon
IMG: via Shutterstock

February 4th was World Cancer Day. For cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, and supporters, this day is a source of hope and comfort. It’s a chance to share stories of courage, resilience, and inspiration. And it’s a chance to raise cancer awareness.

“Cancer” is a wide-sweeping word. It can be in just about any part of the body: blood, bone, breast, lungs, skin, organs. It doesn’t discriminate between children and adults, and is deadly in its mission. But research and treatments are improving, and bit by bit we are conquering the disease that has killed millions of people. World Cancer Day is a special day for all those affected by cancer. Here are five organizations who are helping support them:

1.    World Cancer Day: It’s simple. World Cancer Day (the organization) is an advocacy group that seeks to prevent cancer when possible and raise awareness both in the public and political realms.
2.     Stand Up To Cancer: Download the “I Stand Up For” placard from their website today and share pictures to honor those you know who have fought against cancer. Founded in 2008, Stand Up To Cancer has already raised over $80 million for cancer research and awareness campaigns.
3.    American Cancer Society: One of the biggest groups fighting against cancer, ACS has worked on prevention and research of cancer. It also offers support to cancer patients, survivors, and their families.
4.    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: St. Jude’s is a special place for children suffering and recovering from cancer. It is one of the top pediatric cancer hospitals in the country and the only one dedicated solely to children. A true pioneer in treatment and research, St. Jude’s serves nearly 8,000 children per year.
5.    National Breast Cancer Foundation: Breast cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, affecting thousands of women each year. NBCF works to save women’s lives by educating the public about early detection and prevention of breast cancer. It also offers support for women who have been affected by it.