Student Hunger Drive Collects Over 650,000 Pounds of Food For Families In Need

Eighteen widely scattered high schools in have a thirty year tradition to uphold together. And it’s not a football game or a senior prank, not school trips or a party. It’s charity, on a grand scale. For a six-week span every autumn from the beginning of October to mid-November, the eighteen schools compete to see […]

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Giving Back, For the Love of Food

Philanthropy comes in many shapes and sizes. It can mean dedicating your time to a worthy cause, donating funds to a charitable foundation, or becoming an activist to help improve the quality of life for others. The latter is perhaps the most difficult to do, and involves a lot of patience, and perseverance. Social change […]

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Hunger in America Growing

According to Feeding America, the United States has many more hungry citizens than it used to. The nonprofit organization is now feeding about 50% more people than it did in 2006, and though more people have stepped up to help, there are still far too many hungry families in the nation. Today, about 1 in […]