$150k Grant Will Provide Tesla Powerwalls to At-Risk Populations

In 2017, 14 people in a Florida nursing home died when Hurricane Irma knocked out their power. Without air conditioning, they died of overheating. Twelve of those 14 deaths were ruled to be homicide, as they could have been prevented if anyone had taken action on their behalf. Hurricanes and high heat are a growing […]

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Michigan Teens Take Action

In the late 1990’s, the Kellogg Foundation issued a challenge in Michigan called the Michigan Community Youth Foundations Project.  The foundation would match 50% of funds raised by young people in order to create an endowment fund for community projects.  Today, the fund created by teens is worth $40 million altogether and awards up to […]

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NYCHA Invests $18 M in Capital Improvements

From January to March this year, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) will be making the most of the $18 million provided by grants from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). With the capital, NYCHA plans to improve eleven of its housing developments in NYC. “NYCHA continues to make improvements to […]