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Thomas Uger Profile

One business executive who is doing big things in the philanthropy world is Thomas Uger, co-head of KKR’s Media and Communications industry team in North America. Uger received his B.A. from the prestigious Dartmouth College, and since then he’s kept himself active in the philanthropy scene. The Dutchess Land Conservancy has a mission to protect […]

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Private Equity and Charity: An Unexpected Matchup

Most people don’t exactly relate private equity and charity to each other—but maybe they should. Private equity and venture philanthropy share a fair number of similarities, including the need for efficiency, the acquisition of portfolios, and good exit timing. The Impetus Trust and the Private Equity Foundation are two organizations that have figured this out […]


Bill Sonneborn, KKR financier and philanthropist

Bill Sonneborn is perhaps best known for his professional career at Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts LLC- where he is the head of KKR Asset Management and CEO of KKR Financial Holdings.  But the reason why is he is being featured on Philanthropic People is for his dedicated philanthropy and advocacy. Not only is Sonneborn one of […]


Robin Hood Foundation- New York Anti-Poverty

New York City is filled with organizations that are working to help combat poverty, but one of the best, and the most awesomely named, is the Robin Hood Foundation.  Founded more than 20 years ago, the foundation works with some of the most innovative thinkers and thought leader, including financiers like Goldman Sachs Group CEO […]