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Maryland Teenager Gives 1000s of Books

A Maryland teenager has overseen the donation of thousands of books to children in hospitals, to honor her father after he was diagnosed with cancer. Emily Bhatnagar was 17 in 2021 when her dad, Mike Bhatnagar, was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer. A life-long reader, she’s always found her comfort in books, but during […]

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Tech Firm Donates $500K for Homeless Vets

A tech firm donated half a million dollars in Montgomery County, Maryland, to help homeless vets get off the streets. TISTA Science and Technology Corp is an information technologies professional group which serves the government, the armed forces, and the healthcare community. Its founder Ahmedur Ali is a navy veteran who was disabled in the […]

The Power of Giving

Introducing Gene DeSantis: The Poor Man With a Heart of Gold

Gene DeSantis is a private man. He has no phone or email, and even the friends in his life know little about his habits or past. He keeps to himself, a rarity in a time when social life is about expansion above all else. But that’s not to say he doesn’t make huge ripples. “I […]