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Montana Heritage Center Completes Funding

The Montana Heritage Center is getting a $10.4 million donation from Montana native millionaire Norm Asbjornson. Norm Asbjornson is from Winifred, Montana. He founded AAON, a publicly-traded heating, ventilation, and air conditioning manufacturer that has made him wealthy. In 2021, AAON made a profit of $535 million, and Asbjornson’s net worth is estimated between $500 […]

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Thomas M. Siebel and the Montana Meth Project

Thomas M. Siebel is known for many things.  He created a company, Siebel Systems, which merged with Oracle in 2006.  He is the founder of an energy company.  Mr. Siebel serves on the board of advisors for the Stanford University College of Engineering, the University of Illinois College of Engineering, and the University of California […]