Moody’s Math Challenge Addresses Nutrition in Schools

The annual Moody’s Mega Math (M3) Challenge took place last weekend, and perhaps more than ever, culminated in an event that encouraged students to apply math to real-world situations. Since 2006, the M3 Challenge has been a prominent national contest that fosters student leadership, scholarship, problem solving, and teamwork. Created by the Moody’s Foundation as […]

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Out of the Limelight: The Jobs’ Generous Giving

The world loved Steve Jobs. The innovative, intelligent college-dropout who founded Apple and Pixar was charismatic and easy to like. He inspired people with his products and vision, and devastated many with his death. But not everyone had all nice things to say about the Apple CEO. He eventually reached a net worth of $10.2 […]

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Former Enron Gas Trader Moves to Make the World Better

At forty years old, John Arnold is one of the highest profiting hedgefund managers of all time.  John and Laura Arnold are worth an estimated $4 billion dollars and plan on giving all of their wealth away to charity.  After managing his fund out of Houston for several years before closing in 2012, one could […]