NYCHA and the NYCHA board

If there is anyone who has their work cut out for them it’s the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) who is responsible for about a half-million people in New York City.  But the organization is much more than just a housing group, NYCHA and the NYCHA board strive to also enrich its residents’ lives with educational and […]


How to Make a Call to Action

Every nonprofit organization should have a call to action. That is, they have a place where they tell people what they want them to do. It’s an objective to complete, and provides users with focus, a measurable goal, and direction. To create an effective call to action, there must first be a groundwork set up. […]



New York City has an incredible community of nonprofit organizations working to do good throughout the city. And though these organizations can create change and improve the community on their own, partnering with other organizations and professionals makes their successes greater, their dreams bigger. desigNYC is a group that works to do that, “a platform […]