NYCHA and the NYCHA board

nycha board
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If there is anyone who has their work cut out for them it’s the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) who is responsible for about a half-million people in New York City.  But the organization is much more than just a housing group, NYCHA and the NYCHA board strive to also enrich its residents’ lives with educational and community programs, as well as employment opportunities and health services. They work hard to be informative and helpful to residents of any age, and offer programs to assist them in gaining valuable knowledge, skills, and confidence.

NYCHA and the NYCHA board are also working to become sustainable and eco-friendly, creating a Green NYCHA initiative to help make an effort to become more energy efficient.  NYCHA’s mission seems to be more than just providing housing to New Yorkers; it’s providing them with life opportunities that no everyday landlord would provide, and there’s honor in that. They’ve really raised the bar for themselves, providing services for the good of their communities every day.

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