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Margarita Lopez to Serve as Executive VP of NYCHA

NYCHA named Margarita Lopez to a new role this month: Executive Vice President for Community Programs and Development. Ms. Lopez, who previously served as a NYCHA board member and environmental coordinator, will now report to General Manager Cecil House. Though her title has changed, her role will remain much the same within the authority. She […]

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NYCHA Uses Land Leases to Preserve Public Housing

The New York City Housing Authority, NYCHA, is the largest public housing authority in the country. NYCHA provides housing for over 600,000 residents in the city of 8 million, and every day more add their names to the waiting list. Housing prices in New York have skyrocketed, making it one of the most expensive places […]



New York City has an incredible community of nonprofit organizations working to do good throughout the city. And though these organizations can create change and improve the community on their own, partnering with other organizations and professionals makes their successes greater, their dreams bigger. desigNYC is a group that works to do that, “a platform […]


NYCHA’s Margarita Lopez is an Activist for Many Worthy Causes

Margarita Lopez, NYCHA Board member, has a plethora of causes for which she is continuously advocating. Among them are LGBT rights (she is, after all, a member of the community), environmental preservation, protection of rights for marginalized groups like the mentally ill, and against domestic violence. Besides helping found a credit union to help the […]