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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Donates $13.6M to Antibody Testing

In 2015 on the birthday of their daughter, pediatrician Priscilla Chan and her husband, Mark Zuckerberg, set up the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub to fight disease worldwide. In the past 5 years, most of their activities have been towards securing funding beyond the $1 billion in yearly funds coming from Facebook shares, but now they are taking a step forward.

On Wednesday, April 29th, Zuckerberg announced that the Initiative would be donating $13.6 million towards COVID-19 antibody testing in San Franscisco, and coordinating with Stanford University and the University of California to conduct antibody studies in the Bay Area.

There will be two studies, one of which has already begun. The first will test 4,000 Bay Area volunteers monthly for both active COVID-19 and for the antibodies which will indicate they’ve encountered the disease before. That one will run from April into December, and be used to track where new cases emerge, helping to guide a safe return to normal.

The second study will be localized to frontline health care workers. 3,500 doctors, nurses, and EMTs will be tested weekly to determine how heavily and quickly the medical community can be hit. It will also work on determining if prior infection means future immunity, which is so far an unknown factor. Many important things hinge on whether or not you can re-catch the disease, and no one really knows yet.

Both studies are intended to be used as guideposts in reopening business and normal life in and around San Franscisco, but their data will have world-wide applications. The Chan Zuckerberg donation is the largest single share of funding coming into this vital project.

In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg also mentioned combining the data from both studies with the self-report symptom surveys that Facebook has been running for a Carnegie Mellon research group, which could provide even more information.

Source: The Week

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Technology Trends That Will Shift the Way Nonprofits Operate in 2020


In this article, philanthropy expert and technology guru Madeline Duva outlines the three tech trends that will revolutionize the nonprofit sector in 2020.


1. Nonprofits Will Team Up to Address Common Concerns

“Organizations like the JPB Foundation in New York City are leading by example, employing a hub model that recognizes complex social issues cannot be solved by single players alone, but rather require a host of like-minded organizations working in concert toward a single goal,” says Duva, CEO of Fluxx, a cloud-based grant management platform that caters to small, midsize, and large nonprofits. “To achieve this, the JPB Foundation employs a collaborative model in which it funds a ‘hub organization’ or ‘anchor’ and then funds a network of surrounding organizations that work together to pool resources, deploy knowledge, and create a more effective and supportive ecosystem.”


2. More Organizations Will Begin Using AI-Based Technology

“The applications of AI in philanthropy are wide-ranging, but perhaps one of the most promising examples can be found in the work accomplished by journalistic nonprofits, which are adopting innovative AI-based technologies to discover insights into social media and the way we consume information,” Duva explained. “Notably, according to a report published by Fast Company, nonprofit news organization ProPublica developed ‘a new approach to investigative reporting that uses technology like machine learning and chatbots’ to look into algorithms that affect our lives.”


3. Blockchain Will Become Essential in Philanthropy

“Whether it’s donors receiving gifts in crypto, tracking malaria drugs with a blockchain marker, or adopting a cryptocurrency system for refugees in unbanked nations, this technology represents a tangible opportunity to overcome real barriers to progress and innovation,” Duva stated. “As use cases proliferate and word of mouth around blockchain’s effectiveness continues to spread, so, too, will we see more philanthropic organizations investigate how they can best integrate this technology into their global and national missions.”

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Charity Donation App Tinbox Promotes Free Giving

If you could give one dollar of someone else’s money to a charity of your choosing each day, would you? The creators of Tinbox are confident that most people would, which is exactly why they started their charitable mobile app.

The Paris-based startup Tinbox was founded in January of last year by a couple of friends at Warwick University in the UK. It aims to make a business out of people donating freely to the charities of their choice via a mobile app. When the mobile-only startup launches for the public in a couple of weeks, it will allow users to choose a charity to donate €1 per day to without having to spend any of their own money.

The donation costs the app users nothing because it’s sponsored by one of the companies the app is working with. Brands are giving free donation cash to improve their brand image and consumer perception. Reportedly, SAP has committed to fund 10,000 click throughs thus far, and the mobile app is also in discussion with several other major brands. Corporate Social Responsibility has become such an integral part of running a business, so it makes sense that major brands would be jumping at the chance to support charitable causes.

“For app users we solve the problem of not being able to donate to the charity they care about. Our vision is that everyone is able to support the causes to them. Through Tinbox they have 1 euro per day that allows them to do so,” says Tinbox co-founder David Linderman.

Users are notified daily to sponsor a cause and when the user opens the app, they will see different causes that they can sponsor and then the user can select what the money is used for. Once the place to donate is selected, the sponsoring company will donate the money and their logo and message will be seen on the screen. Tinbox is competing with free charity donation websites that urge people to click to donate by viewing ads but users can’t be sure exactly how much they are donating.

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5 Fantastic Philanthropy-Inspired Mobile Apps

5 Philanthropy-Inspired Mobile Apps
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We often discuss the leaders in technology who double as philanthropic standouts, but did you know that technology and charity go hand-in-hand in other ways too? Smart phone apps designed with philanthropy in mind allow anyone to give to worthy causes with the click of a button.

Here are five fantastic philanthropy-inspired apps that put charity right in the palm of your hand:

Charity Miles. This free application allows you to earn donations as you work out. You can track your exercise miles with the Charity Miles app and earn 10¢ per mile while bicycling, or 25¢ per mile walking or running. After you’ve tracked how much money you’ve earned (for example, $1 for a four-mile jog), you get to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice!

Donate A Photo. This app is brought to you by Johnson & Johnson, who will donate $1 to a cause that you want to help for every photo you share on their network. Simply donate one of your photos to the Donate A Photo app (yes, you can donate “selfies”) and $1 will be donated to charities that support community development, child empowerment causes, and other humanitarian groups.

JustGive. JustGive is one of the leading charity-inspired apps out there. Free to download, this app will let you browse its hundreds of listed charities so you can make a donation to causes you care about. This app makes it really easy to give on the go.

VolunteerMatch. This app allows you to connect with one of the largest online volunteer networks. When you download VolunteerMatch, you can easily search for local volunteer opportunities in your area, and determine the ones that are great matches for you. So far 5,000,000 people have found charities to donate their time to through VolunteerMatch!

Check-in for Good. There are lots of apps that allow you to check-in at businesses using your phone’s GPS system. With Check-in for Good, checking in at your favorite restaurants and shops gives those business owners the chance to donate $1 to worthy causes! Locating participating businesses is also a great way to try out awesome local shops and eateries!

What do you think of these philanthropy-inspired apps?