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Accompany Merges Fashion and Ethics


Socially conscious companies are having a moment, and making a serious global impact. TOMS Shoes has forever changed the way that retail approaches philanthropy, and with Whole Foods, Inner City Threads, Olivia Wilde’s Conscious Commerce, and other companies following suit, it’s amazing to see the way that major brands are becoming humanitarian leaders. One new company that is seeking to completely change the way that people shop for clothing is called Accompany, an e-commerce website dedicated to selling exclusively “ethical fashion.”

Accompany clothes
Accompany’s clothes are stylish and ethically made.

Accompany is dedicated to promoting artisan-created, fair trade garments and accessories that have philanthropic value. Rather than donating funds or garments to people in need, Accompany promotes the economies of low-income areas like Nepal, Cambodia, and Kenya by selling items made in those places.  “First and foremost, our mission is to help human beings – to change the lives of individuals, families and communities, for good,” explains Accompany’s mission. “Because to us, change doesn’t mean a quick fix or a temporary solution. It means a forever altering of the systems and cycles that perpetuate poverty and economic disparity around the world,” of how the company is working to make long-lasting change by promoting artisan goods from impoverished parts of the world.

Accompany focuses on creating a large global impact by partnering with likeminded artisan organizations around the world. Partnering with organizations such as Ananda Pascual, The Base Project, Apolis, A Peace Treaty, the Bluma Project, and dozens of others not only gives these other smaller organization critical exposure, but also allows Accompany to broaden its reach, impacting nearly every continent. Selling products from its many partners supports local economies in South America, Africa, Asia, and beyond, but what’s even more important is the message that Accompany is sending to consumers of these artisan garments and accessories. Accompany connects buyers to the very people that made the dress, or scarf, or trousers that they are purchasing, and gives pause to a culture of fast-paced, unconscious consumerism.

“We believe that socially-conscious industry holds the key to that permanent change – fortunately, as fun as fashion is, it’s also an industry that’s perfectly positioned to make a powerhouse impact,” says Accompany. Fun and impactful is exactly what Accompany, which is “globally curated” and “ethically edited,” is hoping to be.

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