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Helen Keller International Launches Holiday Campaign

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“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller

Helen Keller International, winner of the 2014 Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership and one of the highest ranked international charities in the world, recently announced plans to launch a holiday campaign to encourage donors to support programs that empower the most vulnerable communities.

Founded in 1915 by Helen Keller and George Kessler, Helen Keller International is one of the oldest nonprofit organizations devoted to preventing blindness and reducing malnutrition globally. The organization already works in 22 countries, but hopes to increase its efforts and donor support this holiday season in honor of its upcoming Centennial.

“In the new year, we will be kicking off our Centennial – and Helen Keller International is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago,” said Kathy Spahn, President and CEO of the organization. She continues, “In 1915, American philanthropist George Kessler and humanitarian crusader Helen Keller found what would become Helen Keller International. Though our programs have grown and evolved throughout the years, from the beginning, our mission has been to provide opportunity and hope where there is hardship and despair.”

According to a press release on Digital Journal, “Women and children under five remain among the world’s most vulnerable groups,” of why Helen Keller International has directed its focus to women and young children as part of its holiday campaign. The press release continues, “Using proven, cost-effective interventions in combatting the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition, Helen Keller International currently has more than 180 programs that reach 100 million people each year in 21 African and Asian countries, as well as in the United States,” of the organization’s incredible efforts to eradicate blindness and malnutrition globally.

For nearly 100 years, Helen Keller International has demonstrated the power of humanitarianism and philanthropy. By focusing its efforts on those most at risk for malnutrition and blindness, the organization will continue to exist as a true philanthropic leader, and will make a greater impact than ever as it enters its Centennial year.

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