Give To Colombia Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Give to Colombia

Give to Colombia, a US-based nonprofit organization is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a special event.  The organization is known for their transparency and delivering targeted dollars toward Colombia’s biggest issues.

According to the organization’s website, they “create, promote and facilitate alliances between international donors and Colombian grassroots organizations.”

This year is the nonprofit’s tenth anniversary.  They are thriving as more and more people get involved.  Give To Columbia has three branches which each serve to support and enhance the other two.  They are education, economic development and health and nutrition.

In terms of education, they provide teacher training and an elevated academic success.  For economic development, they provide job training and teach how to start and maintain a business as well as save money for the future.  For health and nutrition, they partner with other organizations to bring the necessary people and medicine to the region.

“It is the way to have an impact through donations in a directed and trustworthy manner, with an organization established according to the legal standards of the United States which for multi-national companies like ours is very important,” said a representative of Give to Columbia.

To celebrate their anniversary, the non-profit is hosting a celebration.

“With the help of our allies and supportive community, our organization has been able to benefit the most vulnerable populations in Colombia, raising funds that supported more than 160 projects and impacted over 250,000 people,” said a representative of Give To Colombia.

The Colombian Central Bank has given the organization a collection of vintage bills that will be signed by famous Colombian celebrities, artists and musicians.  The idea is that they will “leave their mark” on the bills to express how your donation adds value to Columbia and multiplies.

Some of the people on the host committee include Andres Santo Domingo, Alejandro Santo Domingo, and Lauren Santo Domingo—that’s almost the whole Santo Domingo family—Angela Maria Tafur, Missy Carricarte, and many more. Let’s get giving!


Shakira’s Shaking Up Education

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Shakira is known around the world for having one heck of a pair of lungs.  The girl can sing.  Yet, she is has also branched out into another field of work.  She has committed to deliver world-class education to the children in her native Columbia and beyond.

She employs the use of “philanthrocapitalism” which is “the practice of applying business methods to philanthropy and calling on the private sector to pick up where governments leave off.”

Shakira, having grown up in poverty-stricken Columbia, has seen it all.  She has seen how children born into destitute conditions die in the same state. They have no way to raise themselves up and overcome their birth situation.  She knew this was wrong and wanted to change things.  Shakira recognized the importance of education in order to grow new generations of empowered young people.

Further, she viewed her own success as a vehicle to promote education.  She knew she had been given some amazing opportunities in her life and wanted to pay it forward.  She saw it as her duty to invest in change.

So, she began her Barefoot Foundation and co-founded ALAS to tackle these challenges.  Through her organizations, she and Alejandro Santo Domingo, brother of Andres Santo Domingo, have built schools with community centers and a feeding program so parents want to send their kids to school.  They are currently serving more than 6,000 children.

Shakira said, “Education is an investment as well as a duty, and an integral part of a strategy that plays a vital role in figuring out how to spend every penny and making every effort count. This approach is, in my opinion, perhaps the only method to solving one of the modern world’s most pervasive problems.”

Shakira views “philanthrocapitalism” as a means to achieve lasting results.  She said she sees providing education as a way to “produce a supply of qualified workers for decades ahead, but it also creates valuable and savvy consumers. What seems on its face to be charity is actually just good business when you get down to it–because various academic studies have shown that investing in education is as solid an investment as you can make. For every dollar invested in a child’s basic education, $17 is eventually returned to the state. That’s an incredibly healthy return on investment if you ask me.”

Over the years, she has worked with some of the most influential people in education and business.  Some of those innovators include Bill Gates, Howard Buffett and Alejandro Santo Domingo.  All of these leaders hold a belief that getting the private sector involved in education can create lasting change.

To read Shakira’s entire profile, click here.

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Young Philanthropy in New York

chelsea clinton
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It seems like younger generations are getting more generous every year. Famous or not, rich or poor, young Americans are lending their time, money, and effort to a variety of philanthropic ventures. In New York City, the same is true, and this year the popular New York Observer will be honoring twenty philanthropists under 40 at a gala designed to raise philanthropic awareness.

The event, called “Young Philanthropy,” will honor a number of well-known names and faces in the NYC philanthropy scene. Let’s take a look at a few of the well-to-do winners:

Chelsea Clinton: The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Senator Hilary Clinton, nearly all of Chelsea’s life has been lived under the spotlight—and unlike so many of the young and famous, her image is pristine. Her charity work includes support for the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Walkabout Foundation.

Amanda Hearst: As heiress to her father’s media conglomerate, the Hearst Corporation, Amanda has a lot to live up to. She is a socialite, activist, model, and most recently is the associate market editor for Marie Claire. Amanda also founded Friends of Finn, which is a charity that fights inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills, and is an active member of Riverkeeper, an environmental nonprofit organization.

Alejandro Santo Domingo: Like Hearst (whom he coincidentally dated for several years), Alejandro is an heir. He and his two brothers, Andres Santo Domingo and Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Jr., are heirs the majority stake in SABMiller, a South American beer company. While his career revolves around managing the conglomerate, he is also a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Board of Trustees; is on the board for the international nonprofit group, Endeavor; is on the Latin American Conservation Council for The Nature Conservancy; and is on the Board of Directors for DKMS Americas.

Other honorees of the night include Lauren Bush, Jesse Cole, Alexis Feldman, Michelle Harper, Lydia Hearst, Eric Trump, and many more.