Resources Gives a Charitable Incentive for Referring Employees, known as “the world’s platform for change,” is the single largest petition platform, representing a massive network of people who desire to spark change. From human rights issues, to economic justice, to gay rights, has served countless individuals since its 2012 creation by founder rattray. Now, is offering another opportunity to create change: by adding a philanthropic element to its employee referral program.

Most corporate referral programs offer incentives to workers who refer other great employees to their company. is taking this practice about ten steps further by pledging $1,000 to anyone who refers a great employee, and another $1,000 to a charity of that person’s choice. And the best part? You don’t even have to work for to refer a potential employee!

According to Jennifer Dulski, COO and president of, “We took the standard referral program and tried to think about how we could make it more aligned with our values and mission,” of this new way to both refer passionate job candidates and touch the lives of others in need. With more than 45 million users in nearly 200 countries, the organization is already being utilized daily to implement social transformation in communities on a local, national, and global level. This new employee referral program is a very much in line with the company’s mission and values, and will hopefully inspire other major humanitarian organizations to follow suit. “We live in an amazing time, when the opportunity to make a difference is greater than ever before,” explains the team at  “Gathering people behind a cause used to be difficult, requiring lots of time, money, and a complex infrastructure. But technology has made us more connected than ever.” It is’s hope that they may connect with even more potential employees, and with this new referral program, the company is well on its way to expanding even further.

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Melinda Gates Uses Her Power for Good

Melinda Gates

The list of the world’s most powerful women by Forbes has listed Melinda Gates at position number 3. Melinda Gates is the co-founder and chair of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest grant giving foundation in the United States.

The Foundation has existed for 13 years and holds $34 billion in assets.  Goals they have set for the foundation this year are to eradicate polio within five years and distribute safe birth control to 120 million women in Africa and Asia.  She has given several TED talks on how to improve philanthropy and the important role that access to birth control plays in the empowerment of women.

Melinda and Bill have told their stakeholders that part of their mission will include investing in projects that fail. This is because they are willing to take the risk that governments and other organizations are not able to.  The Foundation specializes in immunizations, agricultural development, sanitation and other global health issues.

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Tammy Tibbetts Changes the World With Cupcakes and Content

Tammy Tibbetts
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When Tammy Tibbetts was 23, she worked as a web content manager for a women’s magazine.  She loved seeing first hand how social media can create change in how we accomplish things and connect with others.  When she became frustrated by an article on teen pregnancy in Liberia, she realized she wanted to help promote education for girls in developing countries.  Education is the primary factor in decreasing rates of teen pregnancy, unemployment, and domestic violence.  Tibbitts founded She’s the First with a group of friends in 2009, with a simple social media campaign calling young people into action to raise enough money to sponsor just one girl to finish school.

In 2011, Tibbetts was able to relaunch She’s The First into a fully-fledged nonprofit.  The organization’s fundraising projects have included several fun activities. These include promoting bake sales of tie-dyed cupcakes (300 cupcakes at one dollar a piece raises enough to sponsor one girl), to a benefit concert called Girls Who Rock.  The organization researches the highest quality education partners, and provides them with profiles on girls that the organization’s donors are supporting.  The site is now an interactive community connecting donors to organizations and subsequently girls in developing countries that are now able to go to high school by participating in one of various programs.

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