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James Packer Gives A$7M to UNSW

James Packer is donating $7 million to UNSW to bolster research into mental health care. James Packer, Australian billionaire, inherited a fortune and grew it through major investments in casinos, resorts, and media labels. In 2022, he sold his interest in Crown Casinos, one of Australia’s largest gaming corporations, for $3.36 billion Australian, or $2.22 […]

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Unlimited Tomorrow Gives Ukraine a Hand

Unlimited Tomorrow, a prosthetics company, is raising funds to send 100 3D-printed bionic limbs to Ukrainians injured in the Russian Invasion. Unlimited Tomorrow was founded in 2014 by Easton LaChappelle of Colorado, when he was 17. He’d been tinkering with robotics and 3D printing since he was 14. After talking to the parents of a […]


Inflatable Colon Increases Awareness of Colorectal Cancer

When it comes to medical concerns, we humans have an alarming tendency to not admit to problems that may be embarrassing. Unfortunately, those problems can sometimes be very severe, like colorectal cancer—which is the combined name for both colon and rectal cancers. Colorectal is the third most diagnosed cancer in the United States and causes […]