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Glorieta Camps Welcomes Migrant Children

Glorieta Camps is a private Christian faith-based summer camp, with over 100 buildings on 2,400 acres in New Mexico. Ordinarily, it boasts over 2,000 beds, and rents itself out to various groups for church, school, or corporate retreats. But it is currently ramping up to house as many as 2,400 unaccompanied migrant children on behalf […]

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Eric Schwam Honors Le Chambon-sur-Lignon’s History of Generosity

In 1943, Eric Schwam, his parents, and his grandmother arrived in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a very small town in south-east France, as refugees. Originally from Vienna, the Jewish family were removed from Austria by the Nazis and held in an internment camp in Rivesaltes until 1942. They, along with hundreds of other Jewish refugees, were sheltered […]


Oxfam Rents Trump’s Childhood Home to Refugees

In a Tudor-style home in Queens, New York, Donald Trump spent his earliest years. Today, an anonymous owner rents it out through AirBnB for $750 a night. Apparently, that’s what people pay to stay in an awkwardly-decorated house with a picture of 45 on each wall. The owner, who bought it in March of this […]

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Dismaland Closes, Donates Materials to Refugee Camp in Calais

If you’ve never heard of Dismaland, it’s an art installation in the United Kingdom that was built as a collaboration between a number of street artists. Among those is the artist known as Banksy, who gets most of the credit for it but is far from the only person involved. As the name implies, the […]